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Special Guests Return for a Visit

Црквени Слава 2009. год. - 2009 Church Slava

Црквени Слава 2009. год. - 2009 Church Slava
Свети Сава Програм 2009

Свети Сава Програм 2009
Annual Chetnik Parastos- Dec. 7, 2008

Annual Chetnik Parastos- Dec. 7, 2008
Blessing of New Cross!  Sept. 7, 2008

Photos From The Blessing of the New Dome Cross

Sat., July 19, 2008: On his way to the evening vesper service, Father Milovan was stopped by the frightening sight of a black bear in front of the church, crossing over Keel Ridge Road and into the woods behind the homes across the street.  Sharon Herald Coverage

Church Picnic- June 22, 2008

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Ongoing Maintenance Projects

Work continues on our Main Dome repair (June 20, 2008)
Срквени Слава- Church Slava

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Pascha- Васкрс 2008

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Great and Holy Friday- Велики Петак 2008

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Lenten Vespers: Palm Sunday 2008

Lenten Pilgrimage: April 11- 13, 2008

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With the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Mitrophan, a group of nine women make a Lenten Pilgrimage to the St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Women's Monastery in Safford, AZ and to St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery in Florence, AZ.

At St. Paisius we were warmly welcomed by Abbess Mother Mihaila and the sisterhood, who went out of their way to make us feel right at home. We were able to participate in the Divine Services and also spend some true quality time with Mother Mihaila, who gave us wonderful, strengthening advice. The monastery has been in Safford for seven years and the sisterhood is now close to completing their main church. Donations are currently being accepted for the various adornments needs for the sanctuary. You can contact them through their website for more information. We also have monastery brochures in the narthex.

On our way back to the airport, we were able to stop by St. Anthony's for a brief tour, Vespers, followed by Trapeza and then Compline. The grounds are beautifully maintained and truly spiritually edifying. Our group was also blessed to have seen and receive a blessing from Elder Ephraim, the famous Athonite elder who started that (and 16 other) Greek men's and women's monasteries around the United States within the last twelve years.

This was an excellent opportunity to take time out of our hectic schedules, especially during Great Lent, to appreciate the monastic lifestyle and participate in the prescribed services which most parishes are incapable of holding. We hope this to be only the first of a series of planned pilgrimages to holy sites all over the world.

2008 Sunday of Orthodoxy Pan-Orthodox Vespers (Mar 3/16)

2008 Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers
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2008 Parish Council Takes Oath (Jan. 13)

Бадње Вече: January 6, 2008

Photo Album
Photo Album
Holiday Visit to Local Nursing Homes: Dec. 21, 2007

Random Snapshots

First Snowfall 11/07
First Snowfall 11/07
First Snowfall 11/07
Christmas Lights in Belgrade
Christmas Lights in Belgrade
Christmas Lights in Belgrade
New Year's Eve 12-31-07
New Year's Eve 12-31-07
New Year's Eve 12-31-07
2007 SNF Bowling Tournament: Oct 5-7, 2007

Beginning of the '07-08 School Year

2007 Western Diocesan Days

Преображење - Transfiguration of Our Lord

Recommended Reading:

The Transfiguration of Christ: Appearance of the Kingdom of God

 by +Bishop Alexander (Mileant), Translated by Dimitry Baranov/ Father German Ciuba


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2nd Chetnik Picnic, Aug. 13, 2007

2nd Chetnik Picnic - 08/13/07

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2007 Annual Church Picnic

Cover Story! Our Annual Church Picnic made the July 28 Sharon Herald cover.

SERBIAN SPIRIT REMAINS STRONG: as reported in the July 28 Sharon Herald, By Tom Davidson, Herald Staff Writer

"The pavilion was filled with people, some of whom had their fill of the potent plum-based potable, enjoying the church’s annual picnic.The bottles of slivovitz were empty by Sunday night behind St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Hermitage. It was time to party after a meal of roasted lamb and pogaca; a time to visit with family and friends and celebrate the heritage of the colorful culture they share.Church picnic helps reinforce cultural roots.

It’s tough to sum up their story in a few sentences, John Kasich said. “Being Serbian Orthodox — it means our ethnic and religious identity,” Kasich, of Austintown, said.

He’s one of a score of Serbs from the Shenango and Mahoning valleys who worship and socialize at St. George’s. Originally in Farrell, the church is now on Keel Ridge Road in Hermitage. Tucked into a copse of trees behind the ornate church is a social pavilion and cooking area where Serbs gather.

In addition to succulent lamb roasted over hot coals and cut into pound-sized slabs, there were palachinke — a cheese filled crepe, ustipca — a cross between a donut and croissant, and a score of other treats in addition to the slivovitz and other liquid libation.

By then it was time to talk, dance and listen to the toe-tapping tunes of Orkestar Junaci, a Serbian band that features an accordion, guitar, bass and drums that belt out folk songs and contemporary tunes. The families that filled the pavilion are part of one of the many ethnic groups who settled in the Shenango Valley to work in the steel mills.

Men like Gojko Grkinich, Dinitar Kolar, Milos Miodrag, Lalo Raketich and Djuro Jelic are octogenarians now, and before they were steelworkers they were freedom fighters during World War II. “Those guys fought for democracy,” Kasich said, just like his late father did. "I’m the son of a Chetnik,” he said, his eyes gleaming with pride. Those who were called Chetniks revolted against the Communist regime of Tito in Yugoslavia, Kasich said.

Serbs, he said, were persecuted for centuries prior to that and the Balkan peninsula the Serbs who settled here once called home remains in turmoil today.

Mile and Vesna Repaja are among those who fled the homeland in the 1990s when the war there escalated. They settled in Sharon with their 13-year-old daughter Svetlana.  Americans are more tolerant to others beliefs than the various ethnic and religious groups that have staked a claim in the Balkan peninsula, the Repajas said."

ROCOR-MP Unification

Signing of the Act

On Thursday, May 17, 2007, the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) and the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate (MP) unified after 80 years of seperation.

Popadija Tatiana and Vaso were blessed to attend this historical event. See their photos

Church Slava 2007

Thank you to all who came to celebrate our 2007 Church Slava with us! See our online photo album here.

Photo Essay- Pascha 2007

Photo Essay- Pascha 2007 - 04/08/07

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Great and Holy Friday 2007

Great and Holy Friday 2007 - 04/06/07

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Work continues on our Main Dome repair
2007 St. Sava Program

Sveti Sava Program 2007 - 02/04/07

This delightful program included the singing of the national anthems, poems, musical presentation and a play about the life of St. Sava. As is our tradition, the program concluded with the audience throwing coins onstage for the children. They were also given gifts of St. Sava Icon ornaments and boxes of chocolates.

All proceeds and donations collected benefit our Parents Club, towards the purchase of a new playground for our grounds.

NOTE: Parents and Guests: Please send us your photos to add online!

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Nativity Vigil & Badnjak

Badnje Vece- Vigil & Badnjak - 01/06/07

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Christmas Tree- 2006

Decorating the Christmas Tree - 12/24/06

Thanks to the following families who helped us start this annual tradition of decorating the tree:


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Father Milovan\'s 10th Anniversary

On December 6/19 on the Feast of St. Nicholas, Wonderworker of Myra and Lycia, Fr. Milovan celebrated the tenth anniversary of his ordination to the holy priesthood. On Sunday. Dec. 17, a lenten lunch was held in his honor, given by the parish. They also gave him a beautiful gold blessing cross as a commemorative and useful gift. May God grant him many more years of service in the Lord! Mnogaja Ljeta!
St. Varnava Celebration, Merrillville, IN

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Merrillville, IN - 11/19/06

On Sunday, Nov. 19, Father Milovan served along with His Grace, Bp. Longin (New Gracanica), as a guest at the St. Sava (Merrillville) 92nd Anniversary Celebration.

Also celebrated that day, was St. Varnava of Hvosno, the first American-born Serbian saint, who was born into that parish in 1914. Bishop Longin also blessed their newest frescoes of St. Varnava (north wall), St. Nikolai (south wall) and the life of St. Sava, which runs along the west wall, the length of the choir loft. All of their frescoes were created by Father Theodore Jureswicz, who we are praying will one day paint our own temple.

After a delicious banquet and folklore program, donations were collected on the spot to eliminate their mortgage, which they burned that afternoon.

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Property Clean Up: November 06

THANK YOU to Bozo Grkinich for restoring the finish on our front doors-- they look brand new! And thank you to Mico Vucenovic, Bozo Grkinich, Djuro Jelic, Drago Sormaz and Milos Miodrag for trimming the shrubs and doing a general clean up of our property!

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Parents Club Breakfast & Bake Sale

Pancake Breakfast & Homemade Bale Sale - 10/21/06

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Ongoing Dome Repairs

Свети Сава 2009. Год.

Saint Sava Program 2009

January 22, 2012

Local News Coverage of River Blessing