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Stages I and II of our Frescoes has been completed.  However, there is a lot more wall to be covered.
Please see a board member to make your donation today!

Fresco Fund

Glory be to God we have a beautiful church, social center and picnic grounds! This did not come without a lot of old-fashioned hard work and devotion. Our church is argued to be one of the, if not the, most beautiful in our entire diocese. And thanks to our dedicated congregation, it always looks clean and inviting.

However, when reflecting on the beauty of its handcarved iconostasis and handpainted icons, one pauses when seeing the stark contrast to this delicate handiwork when noticing our plain white walls. Have you ever been to a completely-frescoed church? Where every where you look tells a story from either the Old or New Testament, or even sometimes the lives of modern-day saints? It's overwhelming to say the least, and at the same time completely calming. It has been described on more than one occasion as the true representation of Heaven on Earth.

With the Altar and parts of the dome, arches and the wall-size fresco of St. George completed, we need to finish the job and complete our temple's interior.  Please consider making a donation to our Fresco Fund today!