Serbian Orthodox Church
Hermitage, PA
Welcome! Добро нам дошли!
We welcome all visitors and seekers to join us!

We invite you to join us for services, which are held in Church Slavonic, English and Serbian. Sunday liturgies begin at 10:00 am.  Weekday feastday liturgies begin at 9:00 a.m.  Please note that only baptized Orthodox Christians can partake of our sacraments and receive the antidoron (нафора) distributed at the end of the liturgy. You are encouraged to ask our priest for additional learning materials or service substitution readings.

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"Many are the snares of the Devil.  Has he not succeeded in moving souls to evil through poverty?  He offers wealth as the bait.  Has he not achieved what he wants through insults and taunts?  He tempts one with praise and glory.  Has he overcome anyone by way of his health?  He infects one's body with disease.  When he is unable to deceive us through pleasures, he endeavors to lead the soul astray by way of unwanted pains."

-Spirit-filled teachings on the blessings of illnesses and afflictions
from the life of St. Synkletike the Abbess